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Asylum Review

Amicus Films proves, once again, that they are pioneers in Horror Anthologies.

Jackie Chan's Project A & Project A Part II Review

Chan-fronted Project A & Project A II get a superb release by Eureka!

Take Shelter Review

Something bad is on the horizon in Jeff Nichols' Take Shelter, out now on Limited Edition Blu-ray

The Apartment - Limited Edition Review

The Apartment holds the key to our Editor's heart.

Carrie - Limited Edition Review

Carrie White may well be burning in hell, poor love, but this box set more than makes up for it.

George A. Romero: Between Night and Dawn - Limited Edition Review

George A. Romero's 'forgotten' features are well worth a look.

Phenomena Review

Dario Argento's strange and surreal arthouse-horror Phenomena comes to Blu-ray, Ben Pinsent heads to the alps to investigate.

Phantasm 1-5: Limited Edition Collection Review

Ben Pinsent has returned to real life after watching everything on the Phantasm 1-5 Limited Edition Collection, here are his thoughts