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Wildlife Review

Paul Dano's directorial debut features a number of strong performances

LFF 2018: Dead Pigs Review

There's something rotten around here and it may not be the swine

LFF 2018: Ash Is Purest White Review

Jia Zhang-ke's new film shows that time waits for no-one

LFF 2018: Thunder Road Review

A tragicomedy that shines thanks to a superb one-man show

LFF 2018: Styx Review

A female sailor has to choose between life and death on the ocean

LFF 2018: Bisbee '17 Review

A 100 year old horror story comes back to haunt the residents of a small Arizona town

LFF 2018: Soni Review

The lives of two Indian female police officers and toxicity of the men around them

VS. trailer: A battle rap drama set on the east coast of England

A first look at a film also playing at this year's LFF