London Film Festival 2018

225 features (38% women directors). 77 countries. 14 cinemas. 12 days. One festival.

Running from 10th – 21st October LFF promises to be a grand and glamorous affair, bringing with it new films from Park Chan-wook, Yorgos Lanthimos, Alice Rorwacher, Steve McQueen, Carol Morley, and Karyn Kusama.

Join us for our coverage.

Knife + Heart Review

A film that shines with bright neon lights but even they cannot mask its weaknesses

The Hummingbird Project Review

An absurd oddity concerning fibre optics

Dragged Across Concrete Review

There's more than a few scuffed knees in Zahler's third film

Destroyer Review

You can't run from yourself

Life Itself Review

Life will surprise you, or not as the case may be

Sorry to Bother You Review

This absurdist comedy satire is a promising start for Director Boots Riley

The Wild Pear Tree Review

A young writer learns the harsh lessons of the real world

Roma Review

A trip down memory lane has rarely looked so beautiful

LFF 2018: The Cannibal Club Review

The unusual appetites of a wealthy couple make for a deliciously dark satire.

LFF 2018: Étangs Noirs Review

An undelivered package takes one man on a journey across Brussels in this intriguing yet puzzling film.

Wildlife Review

Paul Dano's directorial debut features a number of strong performances

LFF 2018: Mari Review

A family's life is thrown into turmoil in this tender drama, which uses dance to bring its beautiful story to life.

LFF 2018: Lords of Chaos Review

The bizarre true story of a Norwegian black metal group and their shocking rise to fame.

LFF 2018: Peterloo Review

A history lesson that resonates with life for millions today

LFF 2018: Widows Review

Widows is every bit as thrilling as you would expect

LFF 2018: Journey to a Mother’s Room Review

A mother and daughter come to terms with their grief in a profound and deeply moving drama.

LFF 2018: Little Forest Review

Endless comfort and joy is to be found in Little Forest