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Girls: 6.10 Latching

Hel revisits the final episode of Girls and offers some insight into why it was revered by so many.

Girls: 6.08 What Will We Do This Time About Adam?

Hel continues her episode reviews of the final season of Girls.

Girls: 6.06 Full Disclosure

Hannah's moving forward with her pregnancy but does she tell Paul-Louis? Marnie's at a crossroads, and Adam seeks Hannah's approval for his film, Full Dis:closure.

Girls: 6.05 Gummies

Hannah starts telling people about her lentil which culminates in a) losing a stoned Mama Loreen and b) a brutal exchange with Elijah. Ray comes to term with his loss while Adam's begins shooting his film.

Girls: 6.04 Painful Evacuation

A Painful Evacuation: Desi takes steps towards recovery and Adessa decide to make movies (no, not those kind). While Ray suffers a crushing blow and Hannah receives some unexpected news.

Girls: 6.03 American Bitch

"American Bitch" tackles sexual harassment and consent head-on (pun intended) in this week's Girls.

Girls: 6.02 Hostage Situation

Poughkeepsie, pills, and W.E.M.U.N - do not miss this week's episode of Girls.

Girls: 6.01 All I Ever Wanted

The ladies are back for one *sob* final *sob* season.

Girls S05 E10: I Love You Baby

It's finished and Monday nights are not the same without it. Hel bids farewell to Hannah Banana et al, she'll see you next year (FYI, Adam doesn't deserve you).

Girls S05 E09: Love Stories

Hel reviews the penultimate episode of season 5 of Girls - Love Stories.

Girls 5.08: Homeward Bound

Hel continues with her Girls recap. This week, Homeward Bound.

Girls: 5:02 Good Man

Hel continues her reviews of HBO's fifth season of Girls.

Girls: 5.01 Wedding Day

Hel Jones starts her run of Girls reviews with the opener to season five.

Hero or Villain: We Decide #5 - Hannah Horvath

Few characters evoke such revulsion as Hannah Horvath from Girls but why should a 20-something girl be so hated?

Girls Seasons 1 & 2 - Review

What's life really like for a twenty-something in New York trying to make it financially, professionally and socially in today's world?

Tiny Furniture Review

Semi-autobiographical second feature from Lena Dunham, creator and star of HBO's Girls...