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Legion: 3.03 Chapter 22

An X-Men icon makes his debut in the latest haunting episode of Legion.

Legion: 3.02 Chapter 21

David prepares for a journey as Legion goes full on Alice in Wonderland.

Legion: 3.01 Chapter 20

Legion returns for its third and final season with a an audaciously, timey-wimey acid trip...

The Gifted cancelled by Fox - season three no longer happening

The show previously picked up a third season renewal.

Legion to end with season three

Are you ready for the twisted rainbow?

"I help someone make their soundtrack." Interview with Music Supervisor Maggie Phillips

From The Handmaiden's Tale to Fargo, Baz Greenland chats to the music supervisor behind the soundtracks.

Legion: 2.11 Chapter 19

Nick Whitney reviews the mind-blowing finale to Legion season two.

Legion: 2.10 Chapter 18

Nick Whitney reviews the first half of the two-part season two finale.

Legion: 2.09 Chapter 17

Nick Whitney reviews the latest UK-paced episode of Legion.

Legion: 2.08 Chapter 16

Legion sets up it's season two endgame.

Interview with film and TV Composer Jeff Russo

Baz Greenland chat to Emmy award-winning composer Jeff Russo about his work on Star Trek: Discovery, Legion and more...

Legion: 2.07 Chapter 15

Things get weird(er) in the latest episode.

Legion renewed for season three by FX

The X-Men spin-off will continue for a third season in 2019

Legion: 2.06 Chapter 14

Legion asks 'what if?' as Nick Whitney ponders Chapter 14...

Legion: 2.05 Chapter 13

Lenny is back! But how? And why now? Nick Whitney reviews Legion season 2 episode 5.

Legion: 2.03 Chapter 11

Nick Whitney reviews the third episode of Legion season two 'Chapter 11'

Legion: 2.02 Chapter 10

Nick Whitney ponders the brilliance of Legion in his review of the latest season two episode.

Legion: 2.01 Chapter 9

The mind blowing Legion is back. Nick Whitney reviews the opening episode of season two.