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Criminal: Season Two Review

The return of the UK branch of Criminal sees the Netflix procedural deliver another run of enthralling interrogations complete with superlative guest performances. However, its second episode will prove very divisive.

The TDF Top 10: Community

The latest in The TDF Top 10, Ben Ingham covers the ten best episodes of Dan Harmon's hit sitcom, Community, which is now airing on Netflix in the UK.

The Flash: 4.10 The Trial of the Flash

Steven Slatter reviews the first episode of The Flash season four following the-mid season break.

The X Files Revisited: 5.03 Unusual Suspects

Ahead of the first episode of The X Files season 10 in the UK, we conclude the first half of our revisit of original episodes with the show's 100th - the Lone Gunmen-centric Unusual Suspects...

Law & Order: The Complete Series (R1) in November

All 20 seasons of Law & Order on R1 DVD this November...

Book Review: Two BFI TV Classics

Two classics of British television - 'Cathy Come Home' and 'Law and Order' - come under the microscope.

Law & Order UK Series 1 (R2) in January

The UK version of Law & Order comes to UK DVD in January...

Law & Order SVU S9 and Murder, She Wrote S10 (R2) in August

More crime drama from Universal Playback at the end of August...

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 9 (R1) in May

Season 9 of this Law & Order drama series comes to R1 DVD at the end of May...

Universal Playback in April

It's a month of crime dramas with Law & Order Criminal Intent Season 3 and SVU Season 8 joined by Murder, She Wrote Season 9...