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The Best Films of 2018

Another 12 months of glorious cinema summed up by our writers

The Kingdom I & II

For its twentieth anniversary, a look back at Lars Von Trier's horror miniseries The Kingdom.

Breaking the Waves Review

Lars Von Trier's Scottish-set drama, with an Oscar-nominated performance from Emily Watson, reissued by Artificial Eye.

Nymph()maniac Review

Lars Von Trier's four-hour, two-part provocative epic arrives on DVD from Artificial Eye.

The Kingdom I & II (UK) in July

Lars Von Trier's critically acclaimed TV series is presented in its original format on UK DVD this July...

Antichrist Review

Lars Von Trier's controversial movie is released on Blu-ray by Artificial Eye, and it has a tendency to polarise audiences, but there's no denying the visual gusto, as Mark Lee discovers.