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Krypton: 2.10 The Alpha and the Omega

Its the final (ever?) episode of Krypton and things go wild for our gang of plucky Kryptonians

Krypton: 2.09 Blood Moon

Things hot up in the action packed penultimate episode of Krypton

Krypton: 2.08 Mercy

A (not so) suprising return shakes things up for the characters of Krypton in this weeks episode, Mercy

Krypton: 2.07 Zods and Monsters

We peek behind the curtain of the birth of Doomsday in the latest episode of Krypton.

Krypton: 2.06 In Zod We Trust

Robert Turnbull reviews the latest episode of Krypton - has Jax gone too far?

Krypton: 2.05 A Better Yesterday

Things get dicey and everyone is double crossing everyone else in this week's Krypton, reviewed by Robert Turnbull

Krypton: 2.04 Danger Close

Krypton returns to Krypton as Seg goes up against Zod in the search for truth in this latest episode.

Krypton: 2.03 Will to Power

Seg and Adam get to grips with Brainiac and Lobo looses more than just an arm in the latest episode of Krypton, reviewed by Robert Turnbull

Krypton: 2.02 Ghost in The Fire

Lobo joins Seg and Team El in this week's episode of Krypton

Krypton: 2.01 Light-Years from Home

Krypton returns for a second season, with Superman's forebares picking up the action right where the last season left off!

Arrow: 7.09 Elseworlds Part 2

Elseworlds continues on Arrow as Ruby Rose makes her onscreen debut as Batwoman...

Krypton: 1.09 Hope, 1:10 The Phantom Zone

Krypton wraps up it's debut season with a frustrating final showdown with Braniac.

Krypton: 1.08 Savage Night

Krypton starts to gain momentum but is it enough to save the show from mediocrity?

Krypton: 1.07 Transformation

It's the first of two Krypton reviews this week as the show head closer to the season one finale. Robert Turnbull reviews episode 7 'Transformation'

Krypton: 1.04 The Word of Rao

Is Krypton able to deliver on its lofty ideas?

Krypton: 1.03 The Rankless Initiative

Braniac makes his first move in the latest episode of Krypton.

Krypton: 1.02 House of El

Things calm down a bit in the second episode of Krypton, but is it showing signs of improvement? Robert Turnbull reviews...

Krypton: 1.01 Pilot

Robert Turnbull reviews the opening episode of Superman prequel series Krypton

Metropolis TV series in development, featuring Lois Lane and Lex Luthor...but no Superman

Because who needs Superman when you can have Lois and Lex investigating Fringe cases?