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Midnight Special Review

A boy with mysterious abilities gets kidnapped

Bachelorette Review

Just another chick flick?

Spider-Man Blu-rays in June

New Blu-rays of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 plus a repackaged third film this June...

Spider-Man 3 Review

In <i>Spider-Man 3</i>, Spidey battles the Sandman and a personality-changing black gloop from Outer Space, in the film which opened in the UK and Ireland on 4 May. Review by Gary Couzens.

Spider-Man 2 Review

D.J. Nock can spin a web any size. Well, he wishes, after taking the "ultimate spin" with <i>Spider-Man 2</i>. Could it be the greatest comic book film ever? D.J. delves into the 2-disc Special Edition to find out...

Spider-Man 2 Review

Gary Couzens has reviewed the cinema release of <i>Spider-Man 2</i> in which the webbed one battles the villainous Doc Ock. A rare thing - a sequel that's at least as good, if not better, than the original.

Spider-Man Review

<b>Eamonn McCusker</b> has reviewed the Region 2 release of <a href="getreview.cgi?id=1162&story=3907">Spider-Man</a>, a superb transfer of an entertaining movie starring Stan Lee's classic creation on a two disc set from Columbia Tristar.<p>

Spider-Man Review

<b>Raphael Pour-Hashemi</b> has reviewed the theatrical release of <a href="index.cgi?page=CinemaReview&id=118&story=3239">Spider-Man</a>. The most anticipated movie release of 2002, and a comic-book superhero adaptation that is winningly directed by Sam Raimi and is sure to be a box-office explosion!