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Jake Speed Review

If you're such a big deal, why haven't they ever made a movie?

Jackie Review

Thanks to director Pablo Larraín's sure hand, Jackie is the most fascinating biopic of the decade.

Doctor Who: What the Doctors did next

Matt Smith moves on to American Psycho but what did the other Doctors get up to after Who?

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor

<p>Our definitive review courtesy of Josh.....</p>

New Day of the Doctor images...

Publicity machine is beginning to gain momentum...

Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie in June

CG spin-off movie for the wargame franchise.

Ghost Stories: Whistle and I'll Come to You (1968 & 2010)

The BFI kicks off a series of classic ghost stories made for the BBC with the 1968 and 2010 versions of M.R. James's celebrated story.

The Sword In The Stone - Part Two

Series four has ended, but just how magic was it?

DVD: Merlin Series 4: Volume 1

Outtakes, commentaries, storyboards and more Merlin joy than you can shake a stick at.

The Hunter's Heart

Dark clouds loom on Merlin, it's almost finale time. What drama awaits?

A Herald Of The New Age

Creepy children and lots of wet baddies.

Lancelot du Lac

A love triangle between a King, a servant and a zombie. Huh.


Love is a many splendoured thing, but it turns people into sods.

Servant of Two Masters

Merlin deals with mind control. It's all a bit Derren Brown.