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Black Moon Rising Review

Tommy Lee Jones stars in car heist thriller Black Moon Rising on Blu-ray from Arrow Video.

They Live Review

I came here to chew bubblegum...

New Halloween trailer: Another look ahead of the film's première at TIFF

One of the most treasured slashers gets a modern day makeover

John Carpenter developing Nightshade and Tales For A Halloween Night for television

Carpenter agrees a deal with Universal Cable Productions to develop both horror shows for television.

Assault on Precinct 13: 40th Anniversary Edition Review

John Carpenter's uncompromising thriller hits UK Blu-ray at last.

Legends of Tomorrow: 1.05 Fail-Safe

Robert Turnbull gives his thoughts on the Legend's latest time meddling adventure as they attempt a prison break for their captured team mates.

Big Trouble in Little China from Arrow in December

Arrow release John Carpenter's popular action fantasy on Blu-Ray on 16th December.

TDF FilmCast Horrorthon 06 - The Giallo and Slasher

Episode 06 of the Horrorthon moves us into the gory era of the Italian Giallo and the Slasher. Cue the creepy synth music!

The Fog - Soundtrack and Screening in June

Carpenter's classic chiller on the big screen and double-vinyl.

Dark Star (UK BD) in January

John Carpenter's feature film debut gets an extras-packed UK Blu-ray release...

The Ward (UK) in October

John Carpenter’s first film in nearly 10 years comes to UK DVD and Blu-ray in October…

Elvis (1979) (R2/UK BD) in August

This Elvis Presley biopic starring Kurt Russell and directed by John Carpenter comes to UK DVD/BD in mid-August...