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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Review

Long ago in a gala... oh you know the spiel by now

Greatest TV Seasons: Alias Season Two (2002-2003)

An evil mother, dopplegangers and the entire premise of the show turned upside down - we look back at season two of JJ Abram's superb spy drama

JJ Abrams looking to return to television with new TV space drama

The new space-set series will see a family transported to another world...

7 Minutes of Star Wars: Rebels

A long time ago in a galaxy far away...

IMO: A Comical Analogue

Could J.J. & Gabe do for games what Marvel have done for comics?

We Recommend: Alcatraz

Alcatraz, the latest JJ Abrams project, comes to the UK next week. Here's why you should be watching.

Super 8 (UK) in December

This Sci-Fi drama from J.J. Abrams comes to UK DVD and Blu-ray in December...

Super 8 (US) in November

This Sci-Fi drama from J.J. Abrams comes to US DVD and Blu-ray in November...