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The Dead Don’t Die Review

Jim Jarmusch’s new film struggles to raise a pulse

Cannes 2019: Zombi Child Review

We round out our coverage of this year's Cannes with director Bertrand Bonello's allegorical film about cultural appropriation and colonialism

Cannes 2019: The Dead Don't Die Review

Jim Jarmsuch's new zombie film lacks bite in almost every sense of the word

Only Lovers Left Alive (London Film Festival 2013) Review

Jim Jarmusch's vampire comedy boasts a great cast and soundtrack, but lacks his usual wit

The Jim Jarmusch Collection Vol. 2 (R2) in January

Optimum presents their second collection of Jim Jarmusch films in January...

Tigrero (R2) in November

Mika Kaurismaki's film follows Samuel Fuller and Jim Jarmusch as they journey deep into the heart of Brazil...