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The Yellow Birds trailer: Alden Ehrenreich and Jennifer Aniston deal with the aftermath of the Iraq war

A young soldier is tortured by a promise he made to his friend's mother before their deployment

Cake Review

Daniel Barnz presents an interesting slice of life living with chronic pain...

Friends 20th Anniversary - the best lines

To mark the 20th Anniversary of one of the most enduring American comedies, guest writer Holly Bowman gives us a rundown of the show's best lines.

We're the Millers Review

A road trip comedy with potential, but not enough mileage

Wanderlust (US) in June

This comedy with Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston comes to US homes in June...

Horrible Bosses Review

Something of a missed opportunity, the film and the disc are fairly disposable so rental is your best bet...

Just Go With It (UK) in May

This Adam Sandler comedy comes to UK DVD and Blu-ray in May...