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New Ad Astra trailer: Brad Pitt is ready to find astronaut father, Tommy Lee Jones

A second trailer emerges ahead of its release in two months time

Okko's Inn Review

Kitarō Kōsaka's feature debut is rich, poignant, and beautifully made.

Ad Astra trailer - Brad Pitt travels through space in search of his father to save humanity

We get a first look a director James Gray's delayed sci-fi which now has a new release date

The Wandering Earth Review

One of 2019's biggest box office successes quietly slipped onto Netflix at the start of May

Horrors of Malformed Men Review

A dark labyrinth of the monstrous and perverse

The Third Murder Review

A morally complex legal drama and departure from Kore-eda's usual filmic fare

The Bloodthirsty Trilogy Review

Toho studios brings the vampiric tropes of the Dracula legend to Japan.

Seijun Suzuki: The Early Years. Vol. 2 - Border Crossing: The Crime and Action Movies Review

Border Crossing: The Crime and Action Movies - Vol.2 of Seijun Suzuki’s early years is available from Arrow Academy now.

Re:Born Review

If you want my blood... come and get it.

Tampopo Review

Ben Pinsent tucks into Criterion's Blu Ray release of Juzo Itami's cult Ramen-Western, Tampopo

Lone Wolf and Cub Review

Criterion Collection brings Lone Wolf and Cub to Blu Ray as series of blood and love, Ben Pinsent dives into the 6 film box set