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Ring Review

There is a reason this has become a landmark of Japanese horror

Of Love and Law Review

A powerful, heartfelt documentary

One Cut of the Dead Review

A zomedy which has been charming critics on the festival circuit

Mirai Review

Growing up is a true journey

Horrors of Malformed Men Review

A dark labyrinth of the monstrous and perverse

Flavours of Youth trailer: A new anime from the makers of Your Name

Three stories directed by three directors set in China

The Bloodthirsty Trilogy Review

Toho studios brings the vampiric tropes of the Dracula legend to Japan.

Seijun Suzuki: The Early Years. Vol. 2 - Border Crossing: The Crime and Action Movies Review

Border Crossing: The Crime and Action Movies - Vol.2 of Seijun Suzuki’s early years is available from Arrow Academy now.

Re:Born Review

If you want my blood... come and get it.

Antiporno Review

Rarely has a film been truer to its title.

Your Name Review

A visually stunning and beautifully gentle coming-of-age story.

LFF 2017: Close-Knit Review

Close knitting and cuddly penises...