Tag: jade

Marcus Foster - Nameless Path

A path Foster can be proud to add his name to.

Origamibiro - Shakkei

Naturally good with their hands.

Horse Guards Parade - Ten Songs

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Oh No Oh My - People Problems

The Strange Case of Oh No Oh My.

Juan Zelada interview

A chat with no-Juan else, but Zelada.

Ben Weaver interview

We delve into his Minnesotan mind.

Alex Cornish - Call Back

Congratulations Alex, you've got a call back.


What's in a name when blissed out electro is the game?

Hurts - Happiness

Could there be a hint of irony in the title I wonder?

Brandon Flowers - Flamingo

Does Flamingo draw an ace out of the pack?

Your First Mistake - Wide Awake And Watching EP

Your First Mistake make no errors in their four-track E.P.

PVT - Church With No Magic

Can PVT pull a rabbit out of the hat with their second studio album?

Rubylux - Fake Control

Jade tries to gain some command of Rubylux's debut album.

James Yuill - Movement in A Storm

James Yuill returns after doing a spot of gig globe-trotting.