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Cursed: Season One Review

Adapted from Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler's YA fantasy novel, Eamon Hennedy takes a look at Netflix's Cursed.

iZombie: 5.13 All’s Well That Ends Well

Does the finale of iZombie deliver or shuffle endlessly into the night?

iZombie: 5.12 Bye, Zombies

It's heist time in iZombie's exciting penultimate episode.

iZombie: 5.11 Killer Queen

Liv gets fabulous after the death of a drag queen.

iZombie 5.10 Night and the Zombie City

Liv is an undead dame to kill for in this noir soaked excellent episode.

iZombie: 5.09 The Fresh Princess

Liv eats the brain of a '90's teen pageant contestant. You go girl!

iZombie: 5.08 Death of a Car Salesman

Liv and Ravi go head to head as final plans are put into motion.

iZombie: 5.07 Filleted To Rest

A return to the old formula and a major reveal, makes this a must watch episode.

iZombie: 5.06 The Scratchmaker

Blaine takes centre stage as the brain supply dwindles.

iZombie: 5.05 Death Moves Pretty Fast

Ravi and Liv investigate Blaine in the latest season five episode.

iZombie: 5.04 Dot Zom

The final season adds more to the mix as it ramps up to the end.

iZombie: 5.03 Five, Six, Seven, Ate!

iZombie goes all Dirty Dancing in an episode that embrace the shows roots.

iZombie: 5.02 Dead Lift

iZombie continues its final season.

iZombie: 5.01 Thug Death

The final season opener for iZombie is solid but slightly lacking

iZombie secures a fifth season at The CW

Liv Moore and her team will continue the fight in zombie Seattle for another season.

The CW renews 10 shows: Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Riverdale, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and more returning

All the DC superheros are back, more songs from Rebecca Bunch, the Winchester boys are keeping up the good fight, but no news on iZombie yet...

The CW renews iZombie for season four, picks up Black Lightning for full series

The Arrowverse expands and zombies continue to reign in the latest pick ups from The CW network...

The X Files Revisited: 7.03 Hungry

An episode of The X Files told from the monster's point of view. It's season seven's Hungry, our latest Revisited...

The Lost Boys being remade for television

The man behind Veronica Mars and iZombie is bringing the vampire series to The CW...

The Flash, Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow to return in first slate of The CW renewals

The superhero TV phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down as The CW renews all three series...