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Sicilian Ghost Story Review

A fantastical and visually impressive coming-of-age drama that will linger

The Cat O'Nine Tails Review

This Argento doesn't quite "out-Psycho" Psycho.

Kill, Baby... Kill! Review

A beautifully-hued ghost story and masterclass of Gothic horror.

Gorbaciof Review

Toni Servillo stars as an accountant taking a wrong turn in Gorbaciof, an Italian thriller released on DVD by Artificial Eye.

Two by Tinto Brass in May

The Key and All Ladies Do It to make worldwide Blu-ray premieres this month...

Super Bitch Review

Italian exploitation on British soil.

Let's Wash Our Brains: RoGoPaG Review

Yet more Pasolini in HD. With added Rossellini, Godard and Gregoretti.

Hawks and Sparrows Review

The latest Pasolini to enter the Masters of Cinema catalogue.

Pigsty Review

Pasolini's Salò prototype.

Il Boom Review

Bittersweet satire from the director of Bicycle Thieves.