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WandaVision: 1.08 Previously On

Agatha takes Wanda on a journey through her past in this revealing penultimate episode.

WandaVision: 1.07 Breaking the Fourth Wall

There are major reveals and secrets are exposed in this more introspective episode of WandaVision.

WandaVision: 1.06 All-New Halloween Spooktacular!

Vision continues his search for the truth as Wanda and the twins celebrate Halloween

WandaVision: 1.05 On a Very Special Episode...

Vision begins to suspect all is not as it seems in this potentially game changing episode.

WandaVision: 1.04 We Interrupt This Program

A change in direction as WandaVision starts to offer some answers as to what is really going on.

WandaVision: 1.03 Now in Color

Marvel delivers another loving homage to old sitcoms as more of the mystery is revealed.

Agents of Shield: 3.16 Paradise Lost/3.17 The Team

The Secret Warriors Initiative comes together and falls apart as quickly as Marvel's Agents of SHIELD face their own Civil War.

Agents of SHIELD: 3.15 Spacetime

Sean Mason catches up with Marvel's Agents of SHIELD as they start to catch up with the future in a Minority Report -esque mission.

Agents of SHIELD: 3.11 Bouncing Back

The Shield agents are back gathering more Inhumans in a confident mid season episode.

Marvels Agents of SHIELD: 3.10 Maveth

The Agents of SHIELD face an uneven mid-season finale saved by a thrilling climax.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: 3.09 Closure

Ward makes things personal for Coulson in an another tense episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: 3.08 Many Heads, One Tale

Secrets are revealed. The MCU is retconned. Story threads come together. Can the latest episode of SHIELD hold it all together?

Agents of SHIELD: 3.04 Devils You Know

Tensions rise as the SHIELD team fight wars on multiple fronts. But is the real conflict within SHIELD itself?