Tag: holocaust

Judgment at Nuremberg Review

Stanley Kramer's film remains a compelling and disturbing film

Destination Unknown Review

A powerful documentary that reminds us of a time we dare not forget

Denial Review

Ben Pinsent takes a look at the home release of Denial to ask why this movie was denied an Oscar

Night Will Fall Review

The story of an important documentary about the Holocaust is itself an important documentary, now on DVD.

Cannibal Holocaust Review

Shameless release a Director's Edit of the notorious nasty, apparently sans animal cruelty. But is there any substance beyond the butchery?

Sarah's Key Review

Kristin Scott Thomas stars as a journalist who uncovers a horrifying story related to the Holocaust.

A Love To Hide Review

Jérémie Rénier stars in Christian Faure's emotional drama based around the Nazi deportation and "re-education" of homosexuals in France during WWII.

One Day You'll Understand Review

Jeanne Moreau and Hippolyte Girardot star in Israeli director Amos Gitai's sober examination of the question of the French Vichy government's part in the deportation of Jews during WWII.