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Nathan Drake: Hero or Mass-Murderer?

Nathan Drake may pretend to be a good guy, but the psychologists might disagree. Treasure hunting charmer or homicidal psychopath? It's time to study the evidence.

Hero or Villain: We Decide #5 - Hannah Horvath

Few characters evoke such revulsion as Hannah Horvath from Girls but why should a 20-something girl be so hated?

Hero or Villain: We Decide #4 - Rick Grimes

As the main protagonist in The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes is the show's moral compass yet does the stress he is regularly put under make him go a step too far?

Hero or Villain: We Decide #3 - Nicholas Brody

Hero or Villain: We Decide #3 - Nicholas Brody from Homeland

Singles of the Week

<B><i>Single of the Week...</i></b>There were a couple of decent contenders this week, but not only does our single of the week make us happy, it's also free to download right now...

Hero, Iron Monkey, Legend of Drunken Master & Zatoichi (US BD) in September

Four Asian titles come to Blu-ray Disc in September through Disney...