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The Mystery of Picasso Review

Henri-Georges Clouzot's The Mystery of Picasso, a rare record of the great artist at work, is released on Blu-ray and DVD by Arrow Academy.

Sorcerer Review

Ever think about going to Managua?

The Murderer Lives at 21 Review

A deliciously playful whodunnit from director Henri-Georges Clouzot, not yet so entirely dark and bitter in his debut

The Murderer Lives at 21 in May

More from Masters of Cinema in May.

Les Diaboliques Review

Arrow release Clouzot's classic thriller on British blu-ray

Le Corbeau Review

Mark Boydell takes a look at the classic film noir - filmed during the French Occupations, Clouzot (Diaboliques, Wages of Fear) studies a town on the verge of frenzy, caused by a series of poison-pen letters singed by the mysterious Corbeau. The film receives a decent release but the sound quality is a bit of dissapointment.