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We Recommend: Veep

Does Armando Iannucci's Vice President have any real power?

Valar Morghulis

The end! The climax! The... wait, all the fighting was last week.


It's time for some violence!

The Prince Of Winterfell

The great voyage powers on, with only three episodes to go.

A Man Without Honour

Jaime Lannister returns, but is he too tied up to provide any momentum?

The Ghost Of Harrenhal

Will the Battling Baratheons finally have at it this week?

Garden Of Bones

Things get freaky this week, in more ways than one.

What Is Dead May Never Die

Does that title mean zombies? Or is it some kind of euphemism? Read on to find out...

The Night Lands

New characters this week, in case you weren't having enough trouble keeping track of them.

The North Remembers

HBO's fantasy mega-drama is back on Sky - can it out-epic itself?

HBO release trailer for Armando Iannucci's Veep

New political comedy from The Thick Of It creator looms in April 2012.

Game of Thrones Season 1 in March

Season 1 of this HBO fantasy saga comes to UK and USA DVD/BD in March...

Flight of the Conchords - The Movie?

Bret McKenzie reveals plans at the premiere of The Muppets.

Mildred Pierce (HBO) in November

This HBO miniseries starring Kate Winslet comes to the UK in November and the USA in January...

Neil Marshall to direct Game of Thrones episode

Dog Soldiers director takes on the small screen.

Untitled Aaron Sorkin Drama

New Aaron Sorkin show to air on HBO

Sex and the City: The High School Years?

Anyone fancy a younger version of Sex and the City?