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True Detective: 2.07 Black Maps and Hotel Rooms

Risible dialogue, unconvincing plot twists, and Vince Vaughn "acting"

Entourage Review

Joel reviews the film spin-off of Entourage - a film strictly for fans of the TV series.

Game Of Thrones: 5.08 Hardhome

Welcome back <b>Game Of Thrones</b>, you’ve been missed.

Game Of Thrones: 5.07 The Gift

Finally Game Of Thrones is moving the pieces with a bit of urgency.

Game Of Thrones: 5.05 Kill The Boy

Is the greatest show on telly treading water?

The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

A spellbinding six part documentary that plays out like the best thriller you've seen.

The Leftovers: 1.03 Two Boats and a Helicopter

Episode three of The Leftovers focuses it’s tale on Chris Ecceleston’s character, in an uptick in writing, if not in tone.

The Leftovers: 1.02 Penguin One, Us Zero

Episode two of <b>The Leftovers</b>, HBO and Sky Atlantic's post-Rapture ode to miserablism, is lighter, richer and contains less dead dogs.

True Detective: Season 2 update

With confirmation of some things we look the news and rumours for Season Two.

Game Of Thrones: 4.10 The Children

The finale to beat all finale's? Looks like it.