Tag: hardcore

Dark Hemyspheres: October 2017

We are gathered here this month...

Dark Hemyspheres: May 2017

Pirates and angels, just another normal day in the Dark Hemyspheres corner...

Dark Hemyspheres: November 2016

Heading into the woods to see what the witches are up to.

Dark Hemyspheres: September 2015

A trip to the dark side of the moon, before walking the plank.

Dark Hemyspheres: Summer 2015

The dogs days of summer - do you feel safe?

Dark Hemyspheres: May 2015

Dark Hemyspheres smartens up and dons a suit for a night at the opera.

Dark Hemyspheres: February 2015

Dominic is back with a few more morbid curiosities.

Dark Hemyspheres: January 2015

A bloody new year to you too.

Dark Hemyspheres: April 2014

April showers? More like raining blood!

Dark Hemyspheres: April 2013

April showers or raining blood?

Dark Hemyspheres: March 2013

Spring is in the air, so let's darken the mood a little.

Amenra - Mass V

Destruction in slow motion.

Playing one-handed

A tale of gaming fatherhood

Vision Of Disorder - The Cursed Remain Cursed

The return of VOD - a blessing or a curse?