Tag: ghost

Pay the Ghost Review

Nicholas Cage sees disappeared people...

Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Review

Listen….do you smell something?

Remember Me

More scary than The X Factor? Oh yes. The Beeb's new Sunday drama.

Destiny Review

Things are gonna be real heavy in the future

The Thirteenth Tale

Another literary adaptation from the BBC.

Baron Blood Review

Arrow continue their high definition way through Bava's back catalogue. John reviews Baron Blood

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Review

Dig out yer ghillie suit, we're going camping...

The Amazing Mr. Blunden Review

Lionel Jeffries's charming family ghost story gets a DVD outing from Second Sight.

The House by the Cemetery Review

Fulci's haunting 1981 film may have copious plot holes, but there are no gaps in the quality of Arrow's bumper release of this glorious gorefest.

Being Human's new vampire is revealed

When Being Human returns there will be a sexy new vampire at its head.

Insidious Review

Horror's equivalent of a game of two halves means that James Wan's shocker delights and disappoints in equal measure.

Hatchet II Review

Does an exponential expansion of gore equate to an exhilarating sequel? Mark Lee thinks not, as he reviews the Hatchet II Blu-ray.

Lake Mungo Review

Joel Anderson's unsetttling pseudo-documentary delivers effective chills and so much more; catch it before the American remake.

Ju-On: White Ghost & Ju-On: Black Ghost Review

The Ju-on franchise is returned to the safety of Japanese hands in this strangely lo-fi dual release. Mark Lee reviews.

Apartment 1303 Review

It's an efficient and effective "J-Horror" with an interesting matriarchal failure theme, but it all feels a little familiar. Mark Lee reviews.