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Mädchen in Uniform Blu-ray Review

Made in 1931 and an immediate success and classic of gay cinema, Mädchen in Uniform is released in dual-format by the BFI.

Luz Review

A neat twist in the age-old possession story.

Luz trailer: Tilman Singer's '70s euro-horror throwback finally gets a UK release

Almost 2 years after its première this atmospheric German horror gets a VOD rollout

System Crasher trailer: This 2019 Berlinale award winner shows the turbulent emotions of a troubled young girl

Director Nora Fingscheidt asks hard questions of her country's child care system

Berlin Alexanderplatz trailer: A modern retelling of Alfred Döblin’s classic novel debuts at Berlinale

Burhan Qurbani’s fourth feature attempts to bring the surreality of the novel to the big screen

Undine trailer: Christian Petzold's fairytale drama is heading to Berlin

The German director's new film premieres at the Berlin Film Festival later this month

System Crasher Review

A young girl breaks rules and hearts

In My Room trailer: A Cannes-award nominee about a man left alone on Earth

A man awakes one morning to find he is the only person left on Earth

Transit trailer: A retro-style war film set in the modern day

The rise of Fascism in the 40s set in today's world

LFF 2018: Styx Review

A female sailor has to choose between life and death on the ocean

Luz trailer: A modern day 70s throwback horror from Germany

If retro demonic possession is your thing, this is for you

The Dam Busters Review

The 75th Anniversary Blu-ray of The Dam Busters is here, Leader and released today

Michael Review

A breathtaking restoration of a pioneering piece of silent cinema.