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Ratched: Season One Review

Ratched explores the origins of one of cinema's most famous antagonists, but Ryan Murphy using a template and style more associated with American Horror Story means it feels like another tired production to emerge from his Netflix era.

Fargo: 3.10 Somebody to Love

There are all kinds of reckoning as Fargo comes to an end.

Fargo: 3.09 Aporia

The season's penultimate episode is a masterclass of character dynamics.

Fargo: 3.06 The Lord of No Mercy

Murder plots and shoving matches abound in Fargo's latest.

Fargo: 3.05 The House of Special Purpose

The shackles are off and things are finally moving in Fargo's halfway point.

Legion: 1.08 Chapter 8

It's the season finale: David and Lenny - the final face-off?

Legion: 1.07 Chapter 7

Legion, Chapter 7: Containing the parasite

Legion: 1.06 Chapter 6

Legion Chapter 6: Mutants or Psychos?

Legion: 1.05 Chapter 5

Daniel Theophanous reviews Chapter 5 of Legion, as David comes face to face with multiple personalities...

Legion: 1.04 Chapter 4

Legion episode 4 picks up speed and further intrigue as David is stuck in an astral plane...

Legion: 1.03 Chapter 3

Daniel Theophanous reviews the third episode of Legion as more revelations about David unfold...

Legion: 1.02 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 reveals more of David Haller's past as embarks on his journey of self discovery of his mutant telepathic powers!

Legion: 1.01 Chapter 1

FX and Marvel's new offering Legion, wows us with the first episode.

The Walking Dead: Season 3 - Midway Review

Has the third season of Walking Dead improved on the second? Will it ever become great zom-drama?

We Recommend: The Walking Dead – Season 3

The zombies return once more - but have they picked up the pace?

We (still) Recommend: The Walking Dead

Back from the dead for six new episodes - how are they looking?

We Recommend: NCIS

NCIS returns to UK screens Friday 13th January 2012 - read why you have to be watching.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 - Midway Review

Halfway through the second season of The Walking Dead, it's time to farm!

We Recommend: The Walking Dead

The zombies are back, but are they dead on arrival?