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Criss Cross Review

Illicit passion, greed, robbery and murder collide

This Week's UK Cinema Releases

Check out the films released in the UK later this week

Die Nibelungen: Masters of Cinema Review

Fritz Lang's epic two-part version of Germanic myth gets the Masters of Cinema Blu-ray treatment.

You Only Live Once (UK) in June

This Fritz Lang film celebrates its 75th anniversary with a new UK DVD release...

Secret Beyond the Door (UK) in November

Fritz Lang’s darkly romantic thriller comes to UK DVD next month...

Metropolis (Reconstructed & Restored) in November

Eureka have confirmed the release date for the UK DVD and Blu-ray release of the new longer version of Metropolis...

Le Mépris Review

Godard's brilliant and melancholic spin on the Odyssey as a marriage break-up on a movie set stars Fritz Lang, Brigitte Bardot, Michel Piccoli and Jack Palance. Released in HD as part of Optimum's StudioCanal Collection.

The Complete Fritz Lang Mabuse Boxset (MOC) in October

The Masters of Cinema present newly restored version of all 3 Dr. Mabuse films complete with new extras in this box-set...

Fritz Lang's Man Hunt (R1) in May

Fritz Lang’s 1941 Nazi war film comes to US DVD for the first time in May...