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Celebrity Big Brother 2012 - A Brief Guide To Contestants

The "celebrities" are lined up for CBB 2012 - How many have you heard of?

Frankie, you plonker!

Sir David Jason warns Frankie Cocozza that he will be dead by 22 if he carries on with his outlandish behaviour.

Week Fifteen

It's the quarter finals, which means that this is almost over.

Week Fourteen

Movie night, and you would have probably been better off watching a movie instead.

Bye Bye, Frankie...and hello someone else?

We lose the randy teen and gain someone totally forgettable. Awesome.

Week Twelve

Were you listening to the racket outside or on TV?

Week Eleven

It's Halloween week, but Alexandra Burke is scarier than the songs.

Week Ten

Frankly there's more rock on the bottom of my fish tank.

Week Nine

The second week of X Factor live shows, and at last, time for you, the public to take control!