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Basket Case Trilogy in October

Full details on the DVD and Blu-ray sets due in October...

Cult Classics on Blu-ray later this year

Cult horror titles from Frank Henenlotter, Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna on Blu-ray later this year...

Frankenhooker Review

Frank Henenlotter's "tale of sluts and bolts" earns itself a jam-packed HD edition.

The Exterminator Review

Mike Sutton looks at Arrow's recent Blu Ray release of this once notorious action movie.

Bad Biology Review

The man behind cult movie classics Basket Case, Brain Damage and Frankenhooker returns to the director's chair...if his shoestring movies can afford a chair.

Bad Biology (R2) in March

The first film in 16 years from director Frank Henenlotter (the Basket Case trilogy, Frankenhooker, Brain Damage) comes to UK DVD in March...

Brain Damage Review

A talking worm? LSD? And death-by-fellatio? It's more Henenlotter!

Frankenhooker Review

Dead body parts and hookers collide, in Frank Henenlotter's less-than-subtle Frankenhooker, a mad-cap horror comedy. D.J. Nock reviews the disc, released by Optimum last month.