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Another new trailer from SDCC: Get your first look at Marvel's The Gifted

SDCC reveals the trailer for the latest X-Men themed Marvel series from Fox...

The Walking Dead: 5.15 Try

Rick loses it. The others try to find it.

The Walking Dead: 5.10 Them

A harrowing, challenging hour of pain.

The Walking Dead: 5.08 Coda

Before it breaks for Christmas The Walking Dead delivers one final draining episode.

The Walking Dead: 5.05 Self Help

It's the Abraham and Eugene show this week.

The Walking Dead: 5.03 Four Walls and a Roof

More violence on The Walking Dead.Yes it's still shocking.

The Walking Dead: 5.01 & 5.02

Bloody, brutal, violent, death, anger, cannibilism. Yes, The Walking Dead is back.

Gotham trailer shows promise

Na-na-na-na na-na-na-na... BEFORE BATMAN!