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Greatest TV Seasons: Doctor Who Season Thirteen (1975/76)

What were the greatest television seasons? In the latest of the series at The Digital Fix, Gary Couzens looks at Season Thirteen of Doctor Who.

Blu-ray Review: Doctor Who - The Collection: Season 12

The start of Tom Baker's seven years as The Doctor, the five stories of Season 12 kick off a classic era of the show, and are now released on Blu-ray.

Doctor Who: Terror of the Zygons

Something nasty in the Scottish waters in this Fourth Doctor adventure from 1975, on DVD from 2 Entertain.

Doctor Who: The Ark in Space: Special Edition

The Doctor versus the Wirrn, and body horror on a space station. <i>The Ark in Space</i> gets a DVD special edition.

Doctor Who: The Legacy Collection

The uncompleted story Shada and the retrospective documentary <i>More Than 30 Years in the Tardis</I> plus plenty of extras make up the Doctor Who Legacy Collection, released by 2 Entertain.

Doctor Who: Revisitations 3

Doctors Two and Four, plus One, Two and Three, in three stories given a new lick of paint and additional extras.