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The Blacklist: A catch-up

America is hooked on The Blacklist. John wonders why

Anonymous hack the UK/US hacking voice conference

"We've cocked things up in the past, we know that."

Ringer - Midway Review

Ringer has impressed us at The Digital Fix - check out why you should join the fun now if you haven't already.

Scream meets Dawson's Creek

Have we come full circle? Horror movie to teen drama to a horror TV drama?

Queen Sacrifice

FlashForward has benefitted from some behind the scenes changes made during it's US hiatus. More focussed, more coherent and just much better, the ride from here on in will be very exciting.

Surveillance Review

Small town corruption, serial killers and FBI agents - Jennifer Lynch's second feature is in Twin Peaks territory, but can she carry it off with the same sense of the bizarre as her father?