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"I help someone make their soundtrack." Interview with Music Supervisor Maggie Phillips

From The Handmaiden's Tale to Fargo, Baz Greenland chats to the music supervisor behind the soundtracks.

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Fargo: 3.10 Somebody to Love

There are all kinds of reckoning as Fargo comes to an end.

Fargo: 3.09 Aporia

The season's penultimate episode is a masterclass of character dynamics.

Fargo: 3.08 Who Rules the Land of Denial?

<b>Fargo</b> proves it still has some tricks up its sleeve in an astounding, thrilling episode.

Fargo: 3.07 The Law of Inevitability

Bureaucracy is the greatest enemy in Fargo's seventh hour.

Fargo: 3.06 The Lord of No Mercy

Murder plots and shoving matches abound in Fargo's latest.

Fargo: 3.05 The House of Special Purpose

The shackles are off and things are finally moving in Fargo's halfway point.

Fargo: 3.04 The Narrow Escape Problem

The web of conflicts never stops growing as <b>Fargo</b> nears the halfway mark.

Fargo: 3.03 The Law of Non-Contradiction

This Gloria-centric <b>Fargo</b> is the season's strangest, and best, episode yet.

Fargo: 3.02 The Principle of Restricted Chaos

The side characters steal the second episode of Fargo Season 3.

Fargo: 3.01 The Law of Vacant Places

Coincidence turns deadly in the season premiere of FX's anthology series.

Full trailer for Fargo season three

Ewan McGregor takes both the lead roles in the latest installment of the critically acclaimed anthology series...

Legion renewed for a second season by FX

The mind blowing X-Men TV show will be back for more next year.

Legion: 1.01 Chapter 1

FX and Marvel's new offering Legion, wows us with the first episode.

Fargo season three adds David Thewlis and more to the cast

An impressive cast joins Ewan McGregor in Fargo season three...

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Ewan McGregor to play two roles in Fargo season three

McGregor will headline Fargo season three playing two roles, Emmit and Ray Stussy...