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Facebook bans racist hate group Britain First

Good news, even if it took a long time in coming

Hold The Spoilers (Warning: Contains Spoilers)

Sean Mason discusses the lax spoiler etiquette he has seen in 2016, the attitudes behind it and what can be done.

Redshirt Review

Social networking to save your life.

Facebook Privacy Simulator

UsVsTh3m hit the spot yet again!

Facebook buries head in sand over offensive images

Twitter-storm brewing over Facebook policy on rape-based hate imagery

Ten reasons why we think Google+ is better than Facebook

We think Google+ is the best social network and here's why...

Rock Band Blitz Review

Fancy doing the ballroom blitz?

Facebook in new privacy shocker, surprised?

Here's a shocker, Facebook keeps your photos after you delete them!

Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook

How did Facebook become the huge success it is and where is it headed in the future? Newscaster Emily Maitlis looks into the world of Facebook, and gets to meet the founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

The Social Network (UK) in February

David Fincher's film about the founders of Facebook comes to UK DVD and Blu-ray in February…

The Social Network (US) in January

A late announcement for an early January release of David Fincher's film about the founders of Facebook...