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The Exorcist: 2.10 Unworthy

Adios hermano - Tomas, Marcus and Mouse race to save Andy's soul once and for all in The Exorcist season two finale.

The Exorcist: 2.09 Ritual & Repetition

Without Tomas, Marcus must face Andy alone and attempt to keep Rose and the children from further harm.

The Exorcist: 2.08 A Heaven of Hell

A misstep during the exorcism gives the demon the upper hand and we finally learn the details of Marcus and Mouse's history.

The Exorcist: 2.07 Help Me

The old grey lion and his cub battle to save Andy's soul.

The Exorcist: 2.06 Darling Nikki

The evil has taken on another form making it even harder for Andy to fight, while Bennett and Mouse come face-to-face with Maria the Monster.

The Exorcist: 2.03 Unclean

Marcus and Tomas attempt to help Harper Graham and Bennett finally meets Cardinal Caro's contact. While, on Nachburn Island things get weirder.

Deliver Us (Liberami) Review

Let the power of Father Cataldo compel you.

The Exorcist: 2.02 Safe as Houses

Father Tomas and Marcus try to save Cindy as the demon burrows deeper.

The Exorcist: 2.01 Janus

Padres Tomas and Marcus are back for the second season of The Exorcist

The Devil Inside Review

Paramount release the region 2 DVD of William Brent Bell's The Devil Inside, a film which promises much and delivers little.

Exorcismus Review

The multi-layered premise of this Spanish possession piece is intriguing; can the plot strands combine effectively? Mark Lee finds out.

The Last Exorcism Review

Another shaky handheld camera horror. What can separate The Last Exorcism from the others? Mark Lee finds out.