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Equinox Flower/There Was a Father Review

Tragedy and Comedy collide in the BFI's latest Ozu double bill. Out today on Dual Format BD/DVD.

BFI Ozu Collection titles in January

Yasujiro Ozu's <b>Equinox Flower</b> and <b>Good Morning</b> are joined by two early films from the director on these Dual Format Editions from the BFI...

Late Ozu Review

Criterion release their 3rd eclipse boxset containing five of the last films of Yasujiro Ozu. We consider the sanguine reveries about changing times...

Ozu Collection Volume 3 Review

Tartan's third Ozu collection captures the director's move from b&w to colour films with <i>Tokyo Twilight</i>, <i>Equinox Flower</i> and the delightful <i>Good Morning</i>, and thankfully there is a corresponding improvement in quality for this set.