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Relic Review

The best horror and most emotionally charged film of 2020 so far

The Bookshop Review

England 1959. In a small East Anglican town Florence Green decides, against polite but ruthless local opposition, to open a bookshop.

The Party Review

A comedy of tragic proportions or should that be the other way around?

The Party Review

Sounds like fun. Doesn't it?

This Week's UK Cinema Releases

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Doll & Em (London Film Festival 2013) Review

Dolly Wells and Emily Mortimer co-write and co-star in an amusing, semi-autobiographical Hollywood satire

The Newsroom: 2.09 - Election Night, Part Two

Will The Newsroom's season two finale cap off their best season in the best possible fashion?

The Newsroom: 2.08 - Election Night, Part One

Can the penultimate episode of The Newsroom continue the momentum from last week's Genoa smackdown?

The Newsroom: 2.07 - Red Team III

Genoa explodes - can the noble men and women of News Night contain the blast?

The Newsroom: 2.06 - One Step Too Many

How will The Newsroom cope with following up their best episode yet?

The Newsroom: 2.05 - News Night With Will McAvoy

An interlude now, as we hit the exact midpoint of season 2. So, here is the news.

The Newsroom: 2.04 - Unintended Consequences

Maggie finally goes to Africa! Will she return a changed woman?

The Newsroom: 2.03 - Willie Pete

A quiet intermission in the world's best newsroom! Can they keep getting it right where others fail?

The Newsroom: 2.01 - The First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All The Lawyers

Can Aaron Sorkin's righteous news fable burrow out some more depth in year two?

The Newsroom : Season 1 - Final Review

We report back on the first season of Aaron Sorkin's TV news fantasy on Sky Atlantic.

We Recommend: The Newsroom

Can Aaron Sorkin's new show capture that West Wing magic?