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Animals Review

Aren't you scared of becoming too civilian?

Under the Silver Lake Review

A masturbatory fantasy of Hollywood from the director of It Follows.

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot Review

A film that gives us an audacious title, but decides to go to a lot quieter places with its execution

Lizzie Review

The infamous story of Lizzie Borden gets an edgy update.

A Star is Born Review

A famous musician helps an aspiring singer find fame - and love.

The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales Review

A fox who mothers a trio of chicks, a rabbit who becomes the stork, and a duck who wants to be Santa cause mayhem

Nancy Review

Damage and delusion in an impressive film debut

The Nun Review

The brand new restoration of Jacques Rivette's banned film is available to purchase now

Irma Vep Review

Olivier Assayas' playful Irma Vep is out now.

In Between Review

Three women share an apartment in Tel Aviv and try to find a balance in between modern society and religious tradition.

Foxcatcher Review

Bennet Miller's fascinating true-life tale arrives on DVD.

Veep: Season 1 - DVD Review

Review of Veep, the HBO Vice-Presidential no-power-sitcom from Armando Iannucci, on DVD.

Dexter: Season 6 DVD Boxset Review

The sixth season of killer antics - has the knife blunted yet?

Trollied: Series 1

Is Sky's supermarket sitcom a bargain basement purchase?

DVD: Merlin Series 4: Volume 1

Outtakes, commentaries, storyboards and more Merlin joy than you can shake a stick at.