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Animals Review

Aren't you scared of becoming too civilian?

Love/Hate - This ain't Father Ted

Wondering where Robert Sheehan went after Misfits? Want to get into lesser-known Irish TV? Look no further!

Cannibal Holocaust Review

Shameless release a Director's Edit of the notorious nasty, apparently sans animal cruelty. But is there any substance beyond the butchery?

The Guard Review

Not the new film from Martin (In Bruges) McDonagh, but a more subtle Irish crime caper from his brother John Michael.

Brother Review

There's bullets, blood, and battle, but also much beauty in Kitano's foray abroad, as Park Circus re-release the 2000 gangster movie on DVD.

The Horde Review

Hellishly grey skies, a clutch of survivors, a grimy tower block, and a demented zombie onslaught. Another routine zombie flick, or does The Horde have anything extra? Mark Lee finds out.

Kidulthood (Collector's Edition) Review

Dare we look behind the hoodie? The Director's Cut of the gritty 2006 British youth street drama lends us the opportunity, and it's seldom pretty, as Mark Lee discovers.

Afterschool Review

A controversial new film from Antonio Campos looks at the state of American today through the shocking events that occur in an American High School. Noel Megahey reviews.

Londoners (Londyńczycy) Review

Michael Brooke has reviewed the Polish DVD release of this much-hyped TV series about expat Poles struggling to survive in a fast-moving city whose golden pavements are proving somewhat elusive.

Cherrybomb Review

Rupert Grint stars in this dynamic teen drama from new Northern Ireland directing team of Lisa Barros D'Sa and Glenn Leyburn. Noel Megahey reviews the film's UK premiere at the 9th Belfast Film Festival.

The Silence of Lorna Review

Another emotionally intense social drama from the Dardenne Bros, winner of Best Screenplay at Cannes 2008, is released on DVD from New Wave. Noel Megahey reviews.