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Dark Hemyspheres: April 2014

April showers? More like raining blood!

Dark Hemyspheres: February 2014

Flamboyant dress, computer games and 1969... Strange going-ons in this month's Dark Hemyspheres.

Dark Hemyspheres: January 2014

Welcome to a new year of doom, gloom, death and destruction!

Paradise Lost - Camden Roundhouse

Dominic attends a rather gloomy celebration.

Dark Hemyspheres: October 2013

Dominic finds himself in a beautiful Messe this month.

Dark Hemyspheres: September 2013

Dominic revels in the dark nights and darker music.

Dark Hemyspheres: August 2013

Dominic plays with some crosses, chainsaws and boats on his summer holiday.

Dark Hemyspheres: June 2013

Dominic returns to blacken the sun.

Dark Hemyspheres: May 2013

Time for your monthly dose of blood-letting and devil worship!

Dark Hemyspheres: April 2013

April showers or raining blood?

Introducing... Purson

We have a little chat with a band we think you might like...

Dark Hemyspheres: March 2013

Spring is in the air, so let's darken the mood a little.

Dark Hemyspheres: February 2013

Disciple of the dark arts Dominic delves once again into the pits of hell.

Amenra - Mass V

Destruction in slow motion.