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The Caretaker Review

The Caretaker was Harold Pinter's breakthrough play, filmed in 1963 by Clive Donner and starring Alan Bates, Donald Pleasence and Robert Shaw.

Nineteen Eighty-Four (1954)

In the first of two reviews of classic television written by Nigel Kneale, the celebrated and once controversial 1954 version of Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Woodfall - A Revolution in British Cinema: Look Back in Anger Review

The BFI's Woodfall: A Revolution in British Cinema box set begins with Look Back in Anger starring Richard Burton as the archetypal Angry Young Man.

Phenomena Review

Dario Argento's strange and surreal arthouse-horror Phenomena comes to Blu-ray, Ben Pinsent heads to the alps to investigate.

Wake in Fright: Masters of Cinema Review

Sweat, dust and beer...there's nothing else out here mate! This Australian classic gets the Masters of Cinema treatment.

Masters of Cinema acquire Wake in Fright

MoC turn their attentions to an Australian classic.

Hell is a City Review

Hammer head to Manchester for gritty crime thrills.

Phenomena Review

Argento's eclectic fusion of earlier styles makes for a bizarre though strangely watchable output on a high quality Arrow Films release.

Wake in Fright Review

A schoolteacher, marooned in an Outback town, discovers a whole dark side to himself in <i>Wake in Fright</I>, also known as <i>Outback</i>, a landmark Australian film from 1971. Once thought lost, it has now been restored. Gary Couzens reviews Madman's DVD.

Phenomena Review

Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the R0 USA DVD of Phenomena, a bizzare 1984 supernatural thriller from Dario Argento, starring Jennifer Connelly and Donald Pleasence.