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Twin Peaks: 3.07

The latest installment in Twin Peaks: The Return marks the high point in the revival so far...

Iron Fist Netflix show IS happening: Scott Buck appointed as showrunner

Iron Fist will be joining Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage to defend New York City...

How Many Episodes Are Right For A TV Series?

22 or 12 episodes a year. What is the right length for a TV show?

The Lost Art Of The TV Title Sequence

Is the TV title sequence a dying art form? Here are some reasons why we shouldn't give up on them just yet...

Dexter: 8.12 - Remember the Monsters?

More best of 2013 with Nick's review of the end of Dexter

Dexter: 8.11 - Monkey In A Box

The penultimate episode of Dexter, and they're running out of chances to make this season sing...

Dexter: 8.10 - Goodbye Miami

Back from a short break, can Dexter pull some final-season momentum together?

Seven Dexter Spin-Off Ideas!

With Dexter about to finish, which characters deserve a spin-off showcase? Are any of these shows really going to happen?

Dexter #1

Everybody's favourite TV serial killer is now a Comic Book (anti)hero!

Dexter: 8.09 - Make Your Own Kind Of Music

Only three episodes left after this in the final season! Could Dexter have improved?

Dexter: 8.08 - Are We There Yet?

Can Dexter invest us in his final season by acquiring a family? Or is all hope lost?

Dexter: 8.07 - Dress Code

Hannah McKay is back! Will a bit of ex-girlfriend drama pump up a slow final year?

Dexter: 8.06 - A Little Reflection - Review

The real halfway mark in Dex's final year, and can he finally get things moving?

Dexter - 8.05: This Little Piggy

The big ending comes early for Miami's luckiest serial killer...

Dexter: 8.04 - Scar Tissue

Debra goes into therapy! Dexter goes on a weirdly regimented killing spree!

Dexter: 8.03 - What's Eating Dexter Morgan?

Third week of Dexter's final season, and has his sister turned into a cartoon tramp?

Dexter: 8.02 - Every Silver Lining - Review

What major revelation has kickstarted our interest in this final season of Dexter?

Dexter: 8.01 - "A Beautiful Day" - Review

The final season of Dexter begins - will someone finally stop our serial hero?

New Dexter final season trailer!

Major trailer for Dexter's killer final season!