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Distant Voices, Still Lives Review

Distant Voices, Still Lives restored and now available on Blu-ray thanks to the BFI

Native Review

They call me on and on across the universe.

Most Beautiful Island Review

An insidious look at the day (and night) in the life of an immigrant.

Portman subject of protests in Jerusalem

Directorial debut stirs controversy.

Marcus Foster - Nameless Path

A path Foster can be proud to add his name to.

Hhymn - In The Depths

Is it sink or swim for Hhymn's debut album?

Horse Guards Parade - Ten Songs

Does exactly what it says on the tin.


What's in a name when blissed out electro is the game?

Brandon Flowers - Flamingo

Does Flamingo draw an ace out of the pack?

Rubylux - Fake Control

Jade tries to gain some command of Rubylux's debut album.

The Drums

Will The Drums bang their way into your head?

The Moons - Life on Earth

Find out if The Moons are going to be in your orbit ...