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Distant Voices, Still Lives Review

Distant Voices, Still Lives restored and now available on Blu-ray thanks to the BFI

Heathers Review

Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling

Dark Hemyspheres: October 2017

We are gathered here this month...

Almost Heaven Review

A matter of life and death...

Dark Hemyspheres: September 2017

A month for stone-cold killers.

Dark Hemyspheres: August 2017

The dog days of Summer bite back.

Dark Hemyspheres: March 2017

Taking a walk to the Fen to celebrate the turning of the seasons.

Dark Hemyspheres: February 2017

Time to get those dancing shoes on.

Dark Hemyspheres: January 2017

A new dawn of the passes into a new year.

Dark Hemyspheres: November 2016

Heading into the woods to see what the witches are up to.

Dark Hemyspheres: October 2016

What horrors lurk in the dark this month?

Dark Hemyspheres: July 2016

Dealin' with those summertime blues.

Dark Hemyspheres: April 2016

Visiting the dark side of the moon