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The Card Player (Czech version) Review

Michael Mackenzie's review of the R2 Czech release of Dario Argento's The Card Player has been updated to include information on the new Italian release by Medusa Home Entertainment.

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage Review

For his final (for now) review of the films of Dario Argento, Michael Mackenzie goes back to the beginning and takes a look at the R2 Italian release of the maestro's debut feature, L'Uccello dalle Piume di Cristallo (The Bird with the Crystal Plumage).

The Cat O' Nine Tails Review

Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the R2 Italian release of Il Gatto a Nove Code (The Cat O' Nine Tails), Dario Argento's second film and his personal least favourite.

Two Evil Eyes Review

Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the R0 USA release of Two Evil Eyes, a 1990 collaboration between George Romero and Dario Argento.

Phenomena Review

Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the R0 USA DVD of Phenomena, a bizzare 1984 supernatural thriller from Dario Argento, starring Jennifer Connelly and Donald Pleasence.

Tenebre Review

Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the R0 USA release of Tenebre, the voyeuristic slasher thriller from Dario Argento. The review also investigates how the UK version compares to the US release.

Inferno Review

Michael Mackenzie has plunged into insanity and reviewed Inferno, Dario Argento's 1980 Gothic horror movie and sequel to Suspiria.

The Stendhal Syndrome Review

Medusa has released a new R2 Italian DVD of La Sindrome di Stendhal (The Stendhal Syndrome), a controversial thriller from Italian maestro Dario Argento. This new 2-disc set boasts both the truncated English cut and the longer Italian cut. Michael Mackenzie investigates.

Suspiria: Limited Edition Review

Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the 3-disc limited edition US release of Suspiria, the masterful and disturbing gothic fairytale that is often proclaimed to be Italian director Dario Argento's greatest work.

Opera: Limited Edition Review

Michael Mackenzie has reviewed Anchor Bay's Region 0 USA Limited Edition of Opera, one of Italian thriller master Dario Argento's most celebrated works.

Two Evil Eyes Review

<b>Mark Davis</b> has reviewed the Region 2 release of <a href="getreview.cgi?id=1113&story=3786">Two Evil Eyes</a>. Romero and Argento each directing an Edgar Allen Poe short? A match made in heaven surely? Well ... not really no as Romero seemed to be having an off day! The disc isn't much better with a pretty awful picture but some decent extras to bolster it up. <p>

Sleepless Review

<b>Gary Couzens</b> has reviewed the UK Region 0 release of <a href="getreview.cgi?id=772&story=3057">Sleepless</a>. A return to the giallo for Dario Argento, and a partial return to form, <i>Sleepless</i> has a two-disc DVD release with some good extras but less than wonderful picture quality.

Deep Red Review

"Anti-Christ" <b>Alan Daly</b> has reviewed the Region 0 release of <a href="getreview.cgi?id=365&story=2325">Deep Red</a>, a first-rate giallo given a stunning transfer by Anchor Bay.<p>