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Being Nostalgic - A Being Human Retrospective

BBC Three's vampire-ghost-werewolf houseshare ends forever, and we take a look back at the whole thing, including THAT ending...

Being Human: 5.04 - The Greater Good - Spoiler-Free Preview!

Can Hal stay on the side of the angels? Well, it's spoiler-free, so it's hard to really tell you...

Being Human: 5.03 - Pie & Prejudice - Spoiler-Free Preview!

Strangers call, and with only four episodes to go, too. How rude.

BBC announce Being Human conclusion

BBC Three's supernatural flatshare drama to end with current fifth series!

Being Human: 5.02 - Sticks And Rope - Spoiler Free Preview!

This second outing of the new series focuses in on ghostly Alex - can she hack it?

Being Human: 5.01 - The Trinity - Spoiler Free Preview!

New year, new ghost housemate - any good? We take an early look.

Being Human: The War Child – Spoiler Free Preview!

The series 4 finale is here, we have seen it and come up with some early thoughts.

Being Human: Making History – Spoiler Free Preview!

The end is nigh for this series - can the housemates bring it all together?

Being Human: Puppy Love – Spoiler-Free Preview!

Romance strikes from the dark in this week's supernatural flatshare antics.

Being Human: Hold The Front Page - Spoiler-Free Preview!

We look into the future at the return of the teen vampire!

Being Human: The Graveyard Shift – Spoiler Free Preview!

Can Vampire Hal survive the 9-5 grind to star in a second decent episode?

Eve of the War

Being Human is back, and it's really flipping good.

Being Human: Eve Of The War – Spoiler-Free Preview!

New cast! New villains! New everything! What do we make of New Being Human?

Being Human's new vampire is revealed

When Being Human returns there will be a sexy new vampire at its head.