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Arrow: 8.04 Present Tense

Present and future collide in the latest episode...

The Flash: 6.05 Kiss Kiss Breach Breach

A murder mystery gives us a solid Cisco-centric episode.

Supergirl: 5.05 Dangerous Liaisons

Supergirl and the gang investigate a new meta-villain in the latest season five episode

Arrow: 8.03 Leap of Faith

A return to Nanda Parbat brings more reunions for Oliver as Arrow's final season continues.

The Flash: 6.04 There Will be Blood

Meta zombies in The Flash's Halloween-themed episode.

Supergirl: 5.04 In Plain Sight

Kara does some investigating while Jimmy gets back to his roots in this week's Supergirl

Arrow: 8.02 Welcome to Hong Kong

Arrow's greatest hits continue - season three style...

Supergirl: 5.03 Blurred Lines

Kara makes a bad choice and an unexpected guest star from The Shire drops in, in this week's Supergirl

Arrow: 8.01 Starling City

Arrow kicks off its final season with an alternate trip down memory lane...

Supergirl: 5.02 Stranger Beside Me

Robert Turnbull reviews the latest episode of Supergirl, where the team have to deal with not just shapeshifting aliens but their shifting relationships as well!

The Flash: 6.01 Into the Void

The Flash is back for its six season - here's hoping it can improve in its last two frustrating seasons...

Supergirl: 5.01 Event Horizon

Kara and the gang are back in the brand new season five of Supergirl

Kevin Conroy to play older Batman in Arrowverse crossover 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'

The crossover will also see the cast of Black Lightning join the fray...